Exponential Technology Report - for 21 October 2020

The world is changing at an ever increasing rate.  This Exponential Technology report is designed to help us stay in touch with developments in this space and will be updated each Wednesday.

NB: You can access summaries of Exponential Technology news stories for the month by visiting this page.

The Exponential Technology categories are:

  • 3D printing and digital fabrication

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR)

  • Autonomous vehicles

  • Blockchain

  • Data Science

  • Digital biology and biotechnology

  • Digital medicine

  • Drone technology

  • Internet of things

  • Nanotechnology

  • Networks and computing systems

  • Quantum computing

  • Robotics

  • Solar

Download the report by right-clicking on the pdf image below