Friends of Idea Storm

People from around the world have given their time to appear on my podcast "Business Bookshelf".  These guests produce fantastic articles and resources that I am sure you will find value in.

Joseph Michelli

Make it Simpler & Less Cluttered

Pascal Finette

Embrace the Chaos

David Marquet

Confirmation Bias

Pascal Finette

Eile Mit Weile

Fred Copestake

Don’t Make Friends!

John O'Leary

The Boy. The Manager. And the Lady

ROI Online

10 Challenges All Marketers Face & How Digital Marketing Can Solve Them

Alex Kantrowitz

Breaking Down Amazon’s (Massive) Health Care Opportunity

Zoe Routh

Leadership frameworks that cause evolution

Joseph Michelli

Faster into the Future

Zoe Routh

3 leadership books on power

John O'Leary

The Look in Your Eyes