Friends of Idea Storm

People from around the world have given their time to appear on my podcast "Business Bookshelf".  These guests produce fantastic articles and resources that I am sure you will find value in.

John O'Leary

My Grandfather’s Last Advice

Chip Bell

How do you get the CEO to care about customers

Joseph Michelli

The Gifts of the Pandemic | Stronger Through Learning

ROI online

4 Simple Ways To Measure The Success of Your Company Culture

Alex Kantrowitz

A new front in the content moderation war; An expected outcome in the old one

Zoe Routh

Book recommendations and 3 new year action steps

Pascal Finette

Explorers, Pioneers and Settlers

John O’Leary

How to Get Unstuck and Move Boldly into 2021

Karin Hurt

How Do I Deal With a Suspected Two-Faced Leader?

David Marquet

Leadership Nudge® 338 – Power Gradient Matters

Karin Hurt

The Most Important Leadership Question You’ll Ever Ask

Karin Hurt

How to Be an Even Better Leader