A Winning Programme for Activating Purpose: Now in Digital

The Self-managing Leadership® (SML) Programme (previously only available to C-suite and senior management) is now a bespoke digital platform that enables companies to apply the SML® methodology to the entire organization. SML® aligns people’s purpose & values, with organisational strategy and goals.

Purpose-driven People are More Likely to Find Meaning and Inspiration from where they Work 

People are looking for jobs that give them personal fulfilment. When we understand our own purpose, we can more easily find meaning and inspiration from the company’s mission. We take on harder challenges, stay longer with our employers, and become leaders. That’s why purpose-driven employees are the most productive*.

A Proven Framework for Finding Your “Why” 

Connecting all aspects of your Personal Life, Your Work and Your Inner World

TheSML® Model is a ‘strategic’ planning tool and framework for leadership development. It provides the right insights to identify strengths and weaknesses related to a leader, but more importantly, it explores the values and purpose that define a leader’s character as well as his or her vision

Colleagues can do the Programme Together Online to Deepen Trust, Teamplay, and Find Shared Purpose 

Customise the Self-managing Leadership®® Platform to your brand’s visual style, integrate key messaging, and align the platform with your organisational strategy for deep engagement with participants and strong results.

Only Purpose-Driven People can create a Purpose-Driven Organisation.

Only people who are on fire about their own purpose can create a purpose-driven organisation. Otherwise purpose remains a ‘poster on the wall’. Companies with a clear & compelling purpose are able to transform, innovate and deal with complexity better. SMLis a proven way to make it happen.

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