Adding Value to Service Expansion: Vlisco’s Innovation Journey

This Design Thinking case study is for a Dutch company Vlisco operating in West Africa. They produced traditionally crafted “Dutch Wax Print” fabrics but were being disrupted by competition and Chinese counterfeit products.

“Vlisco’s headquarters are in the south of the Netherlands and thus 6,000 kilometres away from their markets and African colleagues. “This gap makes it hard to understand our consumers and it makes it hard to work closely with our African colleagues,” Betty remarks. “By using design thinking and creating multidisciplinary teams together with African colleagues we get first-hand information and empower the local organisation to come up with solutions. We are not only developing service concepts for our consumers, it’s also serving the company itself. I think that’s the beauty of it.” - Niels Verhart, Digital Innovation Manager.

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The article can be access here.

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