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During my weekly blogs I have focused on almost every aspect of Idea Management and my blogs are aimed at people who would like to spend a few minutes getting an overview of a topic. Idea Management though is a topic upon which people have written doctoral thesis and the Idea Management software providers also have blogs that offer valuable information.

This week’s blog is therefore for those people who would like to dive deeper into Idea Management. First I am going to list a set research on Idea Management and then a list of blogs that I think are worth following.

Research papers (in no particular order)

- Dr Dirk Deichmann – Assistant Professor – Department of Technology and Operations Management – Rotterdam School of Management

Idea Management: Perspectives from Leadership, Learning and Network Theory - 2011

This is a 214 page dissertation on Idea Management covering the challenges faced with Idea Management, leveraging leadership, activating work ties, rising from failure and learning from success and dynamics of Social Network structures.

The Challenges and Benefits of Idea Management – 2013

“For organisations to sustain success in their markets, and in order to survive, they need to utilise their workforce as effectively as possible. By stimulating and implementing employees’ ideas for improvement and innovation, idea management encourages people to participate in the organisation, beyond the scope of their job. The results not only benefit the organisation, but also contribute to employee satisfaction.”

- Maria El Haiba, L. Elbassiti and R. Ajhoun – University Mohammed V of Rabat, Moroccoo

Idea Management: Idea Generation Stage with a Qualitative Focus – 2017

“Faced with an increasingly changing business environment, being flexible and more innovative has become an obligation for organizations. To better innovate and remain competitive, organizations must use all their knowledge, proficiencies and abilities of people to consistently create new creative products and services. Our work is centered on the beginning of the innovation process, commonly referred to as “Fuzzy Front End” focusing on Idea generation for new product development.”

- Sophia Gerlach and Alexander Bremo

Idea management revisited: A review of the literature and guide for implementation – 2017

“Despite being an established topic in research and practice for many years, the literature on idea management lacks a general model for corporate idea management programs. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to develop such a conceptual framework based on the fi ndings of an extensive literature review. In addition, this paper presents an idea management guide that addresses important aspects of an idea management program. To simplify the guide's application for idea managers, it is summarized in a checklist. This paper can serve researchers with a state-of-the-art review and idea managers with a tool for building new idea management programs or reviewing existing ones in companies of different sizes and industries"

- Michela Beretta - Assistant Professor in Innovation Management at Aarhus University

The Role of Idea Management Systems for Innovation in Large Organizations: 3 essays – 2015

This is a 246 page dissertation studying the technology around Idea Management.

“Overall, the findings of this thesis are important to further advance innovation management research and, more generally, organizational research. Taken together, these findings shed more light on the key processes, roles, decisions as well as human and social capital arguments that underpin the use of IMS at the front-end of innovation.”

- Jesper Bank and Adnan Raza - Waabii Limitedo

Collaborative Idea Management: A Driver of Continuous Innovation – 2014

“Despite the critical importance of innovation to most companies' ongoing success, many organizations fail to develop sustainable innovation management processes. The article explores the application of collaborative idea management to drive continuous innovation in large organizations based on our experience at Waabii, an innovation software and consulting service provider”

Idea Management blogs worth following

Almost every Idea Management software provider has a blog and, while it can contain product marketing, it can also contain interesting articles to help you with your Idea Management solution.

Blog of interest in alphabetical order:

- Idea Drop Blog

- Idea Note Blog

- Bright Idea Blog

- Crowdicity Blog

- Hype Innovation Blog

- Spigit Blog

- VIIMA Blog

- Wazoku Blog


“Ideas are the essence of Innovation”

– Gregg Lister: Deloitte Innovation Unit Leader South Africa

Idea Management is fast, if is not already, a vital part of the innovation process at almost all large companies across the world. This article shows that a great deal of research has been done around Idea Management and dozens of blogs (including this one) devoted to the subject.

We know that not everyone has the time to read the research papers and keep up-to-date with the various blogs. Let Idea Storm do this and assist you with your Idea Management solution.

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