"Introduction to Idea Management" eBook available on Amazon

I am very pleased to announce that my eBook "Introduction to Idea Management" is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.

The link to the book can be found here or clicking on the book cover above.

Here is the write up for the book.

If you would like to get an introduction to Idea Management then this eBook is for you. It consists of short easy to read chapters covering every element of Idea Management. If you would like a deeper understanding of any topic then at least three links for each chapter are provided for further reading. Does your company need an Idea Management solution? These 5 symptoms could show a need for one:

  1. You are finding that your competitors are coming up with far superior, innovative products and services, faster than you are.

  2. Your customer support agents are handling increasing number of customer complaints and there seems to be no-one around to provide a definitive answer why.

  3. Your best people are abandoning the ship, almost in droves and your HR is unable to figure out why.

  4. Operating costs across the company are shooting up.

  5. You and your team gets the shivers down your spine when you think about your next meeting with your boss.

If any of these symptoms apply to your company then this book will help you get started thinking about and implementing an Idea Management solution. Also included are four interviews with innovation leaders in South Africa who share their thinking around Idea Management:

  • Dawn Philip – Head of Innovation at Rand Merchant Bank

  • Gregg Lister – Innovation Unit Leader at Deloitte

  • Herman Singh – Group Executive Innovation Strategy at MTN

  • Jannie van Zyl – Executive Head: Innovation at Vodacom

I really hope that you find value from the book and your feedback is always highly appreciated.

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