Do you need a breakthrough idea?

I am fascinated with the art, science and mystery of ideas. There is no doubt that ideas can be found by going through a period of lateral thinking and brainstorming but it seems that often art and mystery are key when coming up with a breakthrough creative unique idea.

Idea Storm Idea Camp

What if there was a way that you could put yourself in the best position to get a breakthrough idea?

I have studied the thinking around breakthrough ideas and this is what I have learnt:

1. Believe there is an answer:

Many people do not believe they can have ideas or are creative, which seems incredible to me. They have convinced themselves that they can’t have ideas.This is not true!!! You can have ideas and you are creative.You need to believe this and grab the idea when it appears.

2. Frame the idea challenge:

To get an answer to a problem, or a new idea, the problem or situation needs to be fully evaluated. Here are the activities that can help frame your idea challenge:

  • Write down your challenge.

  • Discuss the challenge with experts, colleges, friends, family and anyone who can give valuable input.

  • Research the challenge.

  • Immerse yourself in an environment related to your challenge.

3. Take some time out:

Once you know what your challenge is then allow it to sink into your subconscious and allow your mind to think about solutions to the problem. Where do people do their best thinking? It isn’t in the office but rather just before they fall asleep, when they wake up, while exercising, looking at nature, in the shower or on holiday.

Introducing the Idea Storm Idea Camp

Idea Storm is offering you the opportunity to have your breakthrough idea! Introducing the Idea Storm Idea Camp.

The camp will start with the assumption that you have given your challenge detailed thought. It will then allow you to take a break from your usual life and put you in the best position to have/receive your breakthrough idea.

The Idea Camp agenda is below and will consist of the following three key elements:

  • Talks: Two talks to help you understand the process and believe that you can have a breakthrough idea.

  • Alone time: It is vital that you spend time doing something completely different. You will be able to run, go for walk, meditate or anything that will allow your mind to roam. It is really important that these activities get done by yourself.

  • Group time: Spend time with a selected group of people that you can share your challenge with, get their input into your challenge and then share your fledgling idea with.

If you would like to invest in yourself and your business, and need a breakthrough idea then the Idea Storm Idea Camp is something to seriously consider.

Contact us to find a date that will work best for you.

Other thinking on finding your breakthrough idea…

Here is some thinking from others on how to have a breakthrough idea.

Mitch Ditkoff’s article on getting a breakthrough idea is a must read. His 14 points are:

  1. Follow the fascination.

  2. Immerse

  3. Tolerate ambiguity

  4. Make new connections

  5. Fantasize

  6. Define the right challenge

  7. Listen to your subconscious

  8. Take a break

  9. Notice and challenge patterns and trends

  10. Hang out with a diverse group of people

  11. Brainstorm

  12. Look for happy accidents

  13. Use creative thinking techniques

  14. Suspend logic

  1. Find your passion

  2. Believe in breakthrough ideas

  3. Work with information

  4. Don’t think about unnecessary questions “what” and “how”

  5. Intensively think about “why”

  6. Be flexible

  7. Embrace uncertainty

  8. Share your idea with the world

  9. Keep doing hard work

  10. Write down everything

  1. Take the road less travelled

  2. Become an idea machine

  3. Indulge your hobbies

  4. Get moving

  5. Hang out with dissenters

  6. Listen to complainers

So what’s next…...?

Do you need a breakthrough idea? Do you think it can happen? Are you prepared to put the work in to prepare the challenge? Do you care enough to invest in a break away from the normal?

If so, then we would love to help you. Please contact us to find out more.

“Introduction to Idea Management” eBook

I recently published an eBook that is available on Amazon.

If you would like to get an introduction to Idea Management, then this eBook is for you. It consists of short easy to read chapters covering every element of Idea Management. If you would like a deeper understanding of any topic, then at least three links at the end of each chapter are provided for further reading.

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