Aaron Bare - Author of "Reimagining Innovation"

Episode 112 of the Business Bookshelf - Aaron Bare - Author of "Reimagining Innovation".

Today our guest is Aaron Bare.

Aaron is the founder of Namaste Republic and author of Reimagining Innovation. He has held leadership roles in Strategy, Innovation, Technology, Marketing, and Sales. He is a results-focused exponential leader that understands how to create a high-performing culture.

He has been a lecturer/adjunct professor on Innovation and Entrepreneurship for 10+ years. He is also a global speaker and facilitator that has facilitated many strategic discussions on innovation and leadership at organizations in 90+ Countries and all 50 States.

His book Reimagining Innovation contains a collection of nine keys of exponential leadership that can be used as a formula to navigate disruption. The book can be purchased here.

Aaron's website is www.aaronbare.com.

The host of the podcast is Lance Peppler. Email him at lance@ideastorm.co.za or visit www.ideastorm.co.za.

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