Anton Musgrave - Strategy and Innovation Practitioner, Futurist and Executive Facilitator

New Exponential Organisations podcast episode - "Anton Musgrave - Strategy and Innovation Practitioner, Futurist and Executive Facilitator".

This week our guest on the Exponential Organisations podcast is Anton Musgrave. Anton is the partner of FutureWorld and is one of the world’s leading strategists and futurists. He is helping C-level executives around the world to both cope with the current crisis but then to plan for the future.

Anton tells us how his own business FutureWorld has been impacted by COVID-19 and how they paused, reflected and then started to engage with their customers. Most businesses have gone through the same process and are now gearing up to operate in a new post-COVID-19 area - one that will be different but also has huge opportunities.

About Anton Musgrave

Anton is a Strategy and Innovation Practitioner, Futurist, International keynote speaker and Executive Facilitator. Former Attorney, Businessman, Investor and Entrepreneur/

He is visiting faculty on Strategic Thinking & Innovation at London Business School, Duke CE, Oxford's Said Business School, Indian School of Business and WITS University Business School.

He is a partner at FutureWorld International. FutureWorld assists businesses and business leaders around the world understand, design and create their ideal future....creating new game changing Businesses of Tomorrow.

Anton's website is and you can find him on Linkedin here

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