Bobbi Silten - Managing Director of the Shared Value Initiative

Episode 74 of the Exponential Organisations Podcast - Bobbi Silten - Managing Director of the Shared Value Initiative

Bobbi Silten works for FSG and has over three decades of business experience and as an early adopter of the idea of shared value. As the managing director of the Shared Value Initiative, Bobbi leads a global community of leaders who find business solutions for societal challenges and work to build smarter models to address the changing needs of our communities, the environment, and business.

Bobbi has been a long-time practitioner of leading social change through business and she brings deep experience as a purpose-driven business leader. During her time as head of the Gap Foundation she oversaw the creation of the P.A.C.E. program for female garment workers as well as This Way Ahead, a first jobs program for underserved youth leveraging Gap Inc. leaders and stores.

Companies are falling in love with the idea of purpose, and what’s not to love? Done well, a corporate purpose is energizing, inspiring, and creates a shared reason for being.

The Purpose Playbook, by FSG and the Shared Value Initiative, is here to help companies better understand what it means to have a purpose-led organization, what makes a purpose worth having, and how to deliver on the promise of that purpose by focusing on shared value.

Shared value, a business discipline where companies use their core business to drive societal change and enhance their competitiveness, is the most powerful practice to fulfill corporate purpose aspirations. This Playbook is designed to help you bring that practice to life.

In the Purpose Playbook, you will find practices, action steps, and company examples, that will help you, the practitioner, navigate your way as you pioneer change in your company, your business ecosystem, and for society.

A link to the Purpose Playbook can be found here.

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