Brian Bacon - Chairman & Founder of the Oxford Leadership Group

New Exponential Organisations podcast episode - "Brian Bacon - Chairman & Founder of the Oxford Leadership Group".

This week our guest on the Exponential Organisations podcast is Brian Bacon. The purpose of the Oxford Leadership Group is to develop high-performing, purpose-driven leaders with the character, competence and judgement needed to steer complex global enterprises to success during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

I speak to Brian about the importance of purpose and being an organisation that is good for people and planet.

The Oxford Leadership Group is offering a "Find Your Purpose" course that is free until the end of May 2020. It can be found here.

About Brian Bacon

Global thought leader, Board Director & Chair of several UK & US corporations, Brian is a special advisor to heads of state & leadership coach to the Boards and Management of numerous multinational corporations including Virgin Media, L'Oreal, Telefonica, Maersk Group, HSBC, BASF, Akzo Nobel, Unilver, BP, Ford, Ericsson, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, GE, NXP Semiconductors. He is a pioneer of the purpose-driven leadership movement, advocating the need for business leaders to 'play a bigger game' in regards to social & environmental responsibility.

Chairman and Founder of the Oxford Leadership Group, a UK based international leadership consultancy with 900,000 alumni, 215 people and offices throughout Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America

Chairman of Dakia UMusic Hospitality, a partnership between Universal Music Group, the world leader in music-based entertainment and Dakia Global Enterprise, developing a new music-focused experiential hospitality brand with hotels, resorts and stadiums with major positive community & environmental impact.

He is member of the Board of Directors of Dakia UVentures, an Impact Investment Management Holding & Technology Company, focused on investing and curating purpose-driven businesses in the areas of green energy, transportation, entertainment hospitality and high-technology (artificial intelligence).

He has been special advisor to NATO including special advisor of the intergovernmental alliance formed by the International Institute for Democracy to strengthen the Balkans Stability Pact, following war in the region. He works with UN Department of Political Affairs and the European Security & Defence College. He was special advisor to the Swedish Secretary of State in the modernisation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and advised the Swedish Government on policy for Prevention of Violent Conflict in Interntional Affairs

He has been a special advisor to 3 Presidents & Prime Ministers and an advisor in leadership and organizational performance & reform to the Governments of Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Sweden. He was a special advisor to President Fox of Mexico for six years, recipient of the Presidential Innova Award, for services to the Mexico Republic.

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