Business Bookshelf - March 2021

Updated: May 5, 2021

The Business Bookshelf had a great month in March with fantastic guests.

I am fortunate to interview authors from around the world and discussing their ideas, lives and I personally learn something from each interview.

The interviews were (click on the name of the author to listen to the podcast):

- Chris Kane - Reimagining the Workplace for the 21st Century.

- Dr Roland Rust - The feeling economy and Artificial Intelligence.

- Carice Anderson - Showing up as your best and most authentic person at work.

- Adii Pienaar - Becoming self-aware, recognising your values and understanding your impact.

- Nicky Rowbotham - Moving from being overwhelmed by stress to a more easeful, resilient and aligned life.

- Art Johnson - Visualizing how to improve employee engagement and performance.

- Jon Isaacson - How to intentionally create a culture for your organisation.

- Dr Garth Japhet - The power of story in our lives,

- Ron Coury - The story of his life and being tenacious.

Books discussed during March

I really had some fantastic authors on the podcast in March.

Here they are:

You can access each of these episodes by going to the podcast page of my website, on Apple or your favourite podcast player.

Blogs and articles from previous guests

The guests on the Business Bookshelf are almost all authors and write fantastic blogs and articles - often on a weekly basis. Every week I collect these and place them in the Articles tab on my website. There are now hundred of blogs for you to read from leadership through to motivational messages.


I am running a small competition. If you have recently read a business book that you have really enjoyed and would like me to interview the author then let me know. If I contact the author and they get interviewed then I will send you a "Business Bookshelf" branded t-shirt.

You can email me at or send me a message on the website -

Thank you for a great March and I have many more books and their authors for you in April.

Stay well.

Lance Peppler


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