Dr David White - Author of “Disrupting Corporate Culture"

Episode 132 of the Business Bookshelf - Dr David White - Author of “Disrupting Corporate Culture"

Today our guest is Dr David White.

David is a partner and co-founder of Ontos Global, and a cognitive anthropologist focusing on new approaches to organizational culture and change based on the emerging science of the cultural mind. At Ontos Global he helps organizations manage and sustain transformation.

David is the author of “Disrupting Corporate Culture: How Cognitive Science Alters Accepted Beliefs About Culture and Culture Change and Its Impact on Leaders and Change Agents”. This book bridges the gap between the latest research on cognitive science and culture, providing a valuable guide for change leaders, CEOs, and practitioners on how to sustainably work with and change this important resource.

It answers many of the major questions that have plagued culture work, such as:

  • Why so many CEOs and management consultants preach culture change when so few culture interventions actually succeed

  • Why CEOs persist in believing "culture starts at the top" when virtually no research in anthropology supports that claim

  • Why most culture shaping approaches have no answer for how to affect culture in global companies

  • Why culture doesn’t cause us to do anything, yet we persist in believing that somehow it does

  • Why so many culture-shaping projects focus on corporate values despite the fact modern science shows why changing personal values is exceedingly difficult.

The book can be purchased here.

The website for ONTOS Global can be found here - www.ontosglobal.com.

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