Dr Johanna Pagonis - Author of "Choose to be a leader others would want to follow"

Episode 92 of the Business Bookshelf - Dr Johanna Pagonis - Author of "Choose to be a leader others would want to follow"

Today our guest is Dr Johanna Pagonis.

Johanna’s goal is to transform workplaces that have a climate of command and control to one of possibility.

She is the owner of Sinogap Solutions Leadership Consulting which has a vision to Transform managers and employees into confident and capable leaders that achieve excellence and are a source of strategic value in the organization. You can find the website here.

She also has a podcast called Tackle Tuesday which can be found here.

We talk to Johanna about her book “Choose to be a leader others would want to follow”. Johanna’s goal for this book is that people, especially leaders in top ranks, will be motivated to create a workplace environment where managers are supported and encouraged to embrace their vulnerability and develop their emotional intelligence. You can buy here book here.

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