Dr Marilyn Gist - Author of "The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility"

Episode 76 of the Exponential Organisations Podcast - Dr Marilyn Gist - Author of "The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility".

As an author, speaker, and educator, Marilyn held the Boeing Endowed Professorship of Business Management at the University of Washington. Later, as Associate Dean at Seattle University, she started the Center for Leadership Formation and led the EMBA degree from its inception to rank #11 in the nation by US News and World Report.

Building on her leadership and research experience, she is advancing knowledge on the power of leader humility - the tendency to feel and display a deep regard for others' dignity. Dr. Gist received the 2017 Distinguished Faculty Award granted by the Alumni Board of Governors and was named Professor Emerita in 2019 by Seattle University's President.

Her book, “The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility: Thriving Organizations - Great Results”. On the most fundamental level, leaders must bring divergent groups together and forge a consensus on a path forward. But what makes that possible? Humility—a deep regard for the dignity of others—is the key.

You can buy "The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility" by clicking here.

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