Exponential Technology Report - 1 July 2020

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Imagine being able to print replacement skin, bone, muscle and even organs.

The artificial creation of human skin, tissue and internal organs may sound like a futuristic dream but, incredibly, much of it is happening right now, albeit still in the early stages. In research facilities and hospitals around the globe, advancements in 3D printing and, more particularly, bioprinting are providing new options for treatment and scientific study. Indeed, bioprinting has the potential to be the next big thing in health care and personalised medicine. Read article

India First Country To Control Locusts Through Drones: Agriculture Ministry

The Union Ministry of Agriculture on Saturday said that India is the first country to control locusts by using drones.

"India is the first country to control locust by using drones after finalising the protocols and getting all statutory approvals. Major operations are concentrated in Rajasthan where maximum resources are committed," the Agriculture Ministry said in a release. Read article

Soon, Robots Will Be Flexing Real Muscles

Robots have been receiving several upgrades in recent years in light of technological manufacturing innovations. 3D printing has given several robots a lighter footprint, advances in motors and pneumatics have made them more powerful, and artificial intelligence has made them smarter. The next stage comes from a research group at the University of Tokyo that involves giving robots actual living muscles for movement. This new field of biohybrid robotics looks to replace the metal and plastic motion components, with functional living tissue.

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