Exponential Technology Report - 15 April 2020

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There are amazing advances of exponential technology taking place all the time.  Every week Idea Storm brings you the latest news stories in this easy to read report.  Just click on image or "Read article" button to open the news story that interests you.We have selected three news stories for this email. 

4 Ways AI Is Making the World a Safer Place

In only a few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted our normal way of life. With many businesses shutting their doors or transitioning to a work-from-home system, adaptability to a constantly changing situation will prove key for the survival of organizations large and small. Despite everything that is going on, however, the pandemic is also spurring new innovations, particularly in the world of artificial intelligence. Read article

How Microsoft Teams will use AI to filter out typing, barking, and other noise from video calls

Last month, Microsoft announced that Teams, its competitor to Slack, Facebook’s Workplace, and Google’s Hangouts Chat, had passed 44 million daily active users. The milestone overshadowed its unveiling of a few new features coming “later this year.” Most were straightforward: a hand-raising feature to indicate you have something to say, offline and low-bandwidth support to read chat messages and write responses even if you have poor or no internet connection, and an option to pop chats out into a separate window. But one feature, real-time noise suppression, stood out — Microsoft demoed how the AI minimized distracting background noise during a call. Read article

Oil Companies Are Collapsing, but Wind and Solar Energy Keep Growing

A few years ago, the kind of double-digit drop in oil and gas prices the world is experiencing now because of the coronavirus pandemic might have increased the use of fossil fuels and hurt renewable energy sources like wind and solar farms.

That is not happening. Read article

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