Exponential Technology Report - 16 June 2020

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Facial Recognition Bans: What Do They Mean For AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

This week IBM, Microsoft and Amazon announced that they would suspend the sale of their facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies. It’s yet another sign of the dramatic impact of the protests for social justice. 

But the moves from the tech giants also illustrate the inherent risks of AI, especially when it comes to bias and the potential for invasion of privacy.  Note that there are already indications that Congress will take action to regulate the technology.  In the meantime, many cities have already instituted bans, such San Francisco. Read article

The Quantum App Store Is Coming

Currently, quantum computing researchers and enthusiasts need to know quantum programming; it’s simply a must. Soon, though, all they will need is a quantum app store and a line of code. Not an app store like in your smartphone, but similar to a code repository of today, such asGitHub—a type of digital library where software developers make the code they have written available to anyone. And in the near future, developers will be able to put in their lines of code that will call on quantum computers to deal with specific tasks a regular computer can’t. Read article

The Other Solar Power: How Scientists Are Making Fuel From Sunlight and Air

Few activities swell our carbon footprint quite like flying. A one-hour flight on a twin-engine jet aircraft burns almost 6,000 pounds of kerosene and adds almost 19,000 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The environmental impact of air travel is so stark that Swedes even have a term for it:flygskam, or flight shame. But what if flying could be made zero carbon?

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