Exponential Technology Report - 2 September 2020

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Amazon rolls out a new AR shopping feature for viewing multiple items at once

Amazon is rolling out a new augmented reality shopping tool, Room Decorator, that will allow you to see furniture and other home décor in your own space. While the retailer had experimented with AR tools in the past, what makes Room Decorator different is that it’s capable of virtually adding multiple products to the room at the same time. That means you can visualize how a whole set of new products could fit together in your own space, not just a single item.

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Self-Driving Cars Learn to Read the Body Language of People on the Street

A four-lane street narrows to two to accommodate workers repairing a large pothole. One worker holds a stop sign loosely in his left hand as he waves cars through with his right. Human drivers don’t think twice about whether to follow the gesture or the sign; they move smoothly forward without stopping.

This situation, however, would likely stop an autonomous vehicle in its tracks. It would understand the stop sign and how to react, but that hand gesture? That’s a lot more complicated.

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Cosmic rays can destabilize quantum computers, MIT study warns

Quantum computers are advancing at an exciting pace, but unfortunately this progress may soon stall. Cosmic rays streaming down to Earth could interfere with the integrity of the information in these quantum computers, and now an MIT team has shown just how vulnerable they are and what it might take to protect them.  Read article

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