Exponential Technology Report - 22 April 2020

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There are amazing advances of exponential technology taking place all the time.  Every week Idea Storm brings you the latest news stories in this easy to read report.  Just click on image or "Read article" button to open the news story that interests you.We have selected three news stories for this email. 

Artificial intelligence is evolving all by itself

Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving—literally. Researchers have created software that borrows concepts from Darwinian evolution, including “survival of the fittest,” to build AI programs that improve generation after generation without human input. The program replicated decades of AI research in a matter of days, and its designers think that one day, it could discover new approaches to AI. Read article

National Geographic Debuts Instagram AR Experience for April Earth Day Issue

National Geographic is accompanying its April 2020 Earth Day issue with its first-ever augmented reality-enabled cover, which unlocks an AR experience on Instagram.

The publisher teamed up with Facebook’s Spark AR platform on the initiative, which Nat Geo pointed out uses the front-facing camera, while most AR experiences use the selfie camera. Read article

3D Printing Tissues and Organs Just Got Faster

More than 113,000 people are on the U.S. transplant list. A shortage of donors means about 20 of those people die every day waiting for organs, according to the U.S. Dept. of Health. But this could change, thanks to researchers at UC Berkeley, who have developed a device with the potential to 3D print living tissue, bone, blood vessels, and even entire organs on demand.

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