Exponential Technology Report - 22 July 2020

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Watch a 3D printer spit out an entire two-story house

Europe’s largest 3D printer just spat out an entire two-story tall home, an effort by Belgian sustainable construction company Kamp C. According to the company, it’s the biggest house printed in one piece, with a fixed printer, in history. Read article

KFC moves to add 3D-printed chicken nuggets with lab-grown meat to its menu

If you're craving chicken nuggets, perhaps I can interest you in some 3D-printed ones from KFC.

The fast-food restaurant chain has officially announced it's partnering with a Russian research laboratory, 3D Printing Solutions, to develop technology for what it calls "meat of the future." Or, in other words, laboratory-produced chicken nuggets. (I know, it sounds extremely appetizing.) 

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DreamGlass 4K brings AR experiences to you, no screen required

Dreamworld is back with another crowdfunded pair of augmented reality glasses called the DreamGlass 4K. With an improved 4K resolution and 5G connectivity, these are perhaps the perfect at-home entertainment system now that we're all spending more time than normal indoors.

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