Exponential Technology Report - 23 September 2020

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LTG Lofts to go’s coodo makes 3D printed communities a reality in partnership with Black Buffalo 3D

LTG Lofts to go, and Black Buffalo 3D Corporation, a Big Sun Holdings Group company and member of Hyundai BS&C family of companies formed a strategic partnership to advance production, distribution and availability of 3D printed mobile housing and commercial spaces across the globe.

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Facebook debuts Infinite Office, a virtual reality office space

Facebook wants to turn the Quest into more than a gaming device. Today, the company shared early demos of “Infinite Office” a new set of features that will bring solo productivity to the Oculus Quest.

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Azerbaijan downs Armenian drone

Azerbaijan has downed an Armenian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the country’s Defense Ministry announced early Monday.

The drone was shot down Sunday evening while conducting reconnaissance activity over Azerbaijani territory, the ministry said in a statement. Read article

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