Exponential Technology Report - 28 October 2020

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Aleph Farms launches foodtech space program to cultivate steaks on Mars

Israeli foodtech startup Aleph Farms, Ltd., a developer of non-GMO cell-based 3D bioprinting meat platform announced the launch of ‘Aleph Zero’, its new food production initiative to take 3D meat printing on an extraterrestrial mission to Mars.

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SAVAGE Missile Takes Aim At Drone Swarms

Savage Corp have revealed new details of a missile custom made to stop drone swarms.

The challenge of tackling drones grows ever more urgent. Videos from the ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia show drones easily overcoming air defenses, taking out dozens of vehicles and groups of personnel. China recently demonstrated a ‘barrage drone launcher’ launching 48 small kamikaze drones able to co-ordinate their actions in a swarm attack. Existing systems are not effective against this kind of mass air assault, but a counter-swarm of smart missiles, using the same technology that enables the drones, could do the job.

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Entire state of South Australia powered solely by solar in a world first

Climate change, advances in technology and lower costs are driving the adoption of solar around the world, but some places are already leaning on it quite heavily as a part of their energy mix. This is true of the state of South Australia, which for a short period earlier in October met 100 percent of its energy needs from solar power – a world-first for a jurisdiction of its size. Read article

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