Exponential Technology Report - 29 April 2020

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There are amazing advances of exponential technology taking place all the time.  Every week Idea Storm brings you the latest news stories in this easy to read report.  Just click on image or "Read article" button to open the news story that interests you.We have selected three news stories for this email. 

Surprise! 2020 Is Not the Year for Self-Driving Cars

In March, because of the coronavirus,self-driving car companies, including Argo, Aurora, Cruise, Pony, and Waymo, suspended vehicle testing and operations that involved a human driver. Around the same time,Waymo and Ford released open data sets of information collected during autonomous-vehicle tests and challenged developers to use them to come up with faster and smarter self-driving algorithms. Read article

Changes in 3d Bioprinting Market Revenue and growth rate during COVID-19 crisis

The demand for 3D bioprinting has increased significantly, as it is employed for developing organ and tissue constructs that are used scaffolds, research and development of drugs, and development of medical implants. Read article

Coronavirus: Drones to deliver NHS supplies to Isle of Wight

More than 113,000 people are on the U.S. transplant list. A shortage of donors means about 20 of those people die every day waiting for organs, according to the U.S. Dept. of Health. But this could change, thanks to researchers at UC Berkeley, who have developed a device with the potential to 3D print living tissue, bone, blood vessels, and even entire organs on demand.

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