Exponential Technology Report - 29 July 2020

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Machines can learn unsupervised 'at speef of light' after AI breakthrough, Scientists say

Researchers have achieved a breakthrough in the development of artificial intelligence by using light instead of electricity to perform computations.

The new approach significantly improves both the speed and efficiency of machine learning neural networks – a form of AI that aims to replicate the functions performed by a human brain in order to teach itself a task without supervision. Read article

MIT task force predicts fully autonomous vehicles won’t arrive for ‘at least’ 10 years

Two years ago, MIT launched the Task Force on the Work of the Future, an “institute-wide” effort to study the evolution of jobs during what the college characterizes as an “age of innovation.” The faculty and student research team of more than 20 members, as well as an external advisory board, published its latest brief today, focusing on the development of autonomous vehicles. It suggests fully driverless systems will take at least a decade to deploy over large areas and that expansion will happen region-by-region in specific transportation categories, resulting in variations in availability across the country. 

Read article

Solar energy breakthrough creates electricity from invisible light

Two major breakthroughs in solar cell technology could vastly improve the way energy is harvested from the sun.

The two studies, published in Nature Energy and Nature Photonics, will transform the efficiency and significantly reduce the cost of producing solar cells, scientists say.

The first breakthrough involves “upconverting” low energy, non-visible light into high energy light in order to generate more electricity from the same amount of sunlight. Read article

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