Exponential Technology Report - 8 July 2020

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Hybrid Construction 3D Printing in Japan Combines Advantages of Wet & Dry Spraying

Along with innovation in dry and wet spraying, the research and development group has now built a printer for on-site work, which the group states offers multiple benefits in combination with information communication technology (ICT) equipment. Typical modes of construction worldwide involve molding poured cement into shape using formwork. In Japan, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism recommends pre-casting with factory-made products; however, the researchers continue to move forward in refining technology—allowing a shift and employing a novel technique. Read article

Why does Amazon want ZOOX?

On the surface, it looks like the e-commerce giant wants to get a place in the race to build autonomous passenger vehicles. But Amazon’s plans for this purchase could run deeper — and closer to its core business — than just taxis that drive themselves. Read article

Stick a fork in it: Israeli startup unveils first-ever 3D printed plant-based steak

Israeli FoodTech startup, Redefine Meat, unveils the world’s first 3D printed plant-based meat alternative, which the company is calling, Alt-Steak. Redefine Meat notes that towards the end of the year the product will go through the chef test before being available in markets by 2021.

By utilizing 3D printing technology the Israeli startup is able to create different plant-based “inks” which are used to form the Alt-Steak product and other alternative meat products. By infusing the Alt-Steak recipe with the company’s proprietary Alt-Blood-, Alt-Muscle, and Alt-Fat products, the process easily recreates a meatless, plant-based alternative that provides healthy levels of cholesterol and most importantly looks, smells and tastes the same, if not better, than its mooing cousin.

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