Howard Tiersky - Author of "Winning Digital Customers"

Episode 116 of the Business Bookshelf - Howard Tiersky - Author of "Winning Digital Customers"

Today our guest is Howard Tiersky.

For over 20 years, Howard has been helping leaders at dozens of the world's largest brands navigate digital transformation. He has helped companies grow revenue across digital channels by supporting the customer journey resonating with today's hyper-connected audience.

Today we are talking to Howard about his new book “Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance”. The book lays out a simple but detailed five step methodology that any company can follow to align their teams around a vision for the customer experience that will maximize their competitiveness in the market, identify the quick wins that will help them out of the gate, and ultimately drive the transformation needed to bring their company into alignment with today's digital world. The book can be purchased here.

Howard's company is called From and the website is

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