Idea Storm Monthly Update - August 2020

Welcome to the Idea Storm update for August. I am hoping that the world is starting to turn the corner from Covid but maybe it is just me enjoying the start of spring after a long cold winter.

This month the theme for me has been strategy and execution. As the quote on the right implies it is quite an interesting relationship. As an entrepreneur I have tried to come up with multiple "lines of business" with a strategy in each but there comes a time when the strategy needs to be set and then relentlessly executed. There is always a nagging suspicion that the strategy could be wrong but I need to remind myself that this is true for anyone who makes a decision and acts on it.

Purpose of Idea Storm:

The purpose of Idea Storm is to assist people and organisations to transform and thrive, both in the current COVID-19 epidemic, and in the new economy that emerges.

Activities in August:

  • Partnership with Oxford Leadership Group

Oxford Leadership is one of the world's premier Leadership Development & Team Coaching organisations and has 900,000 Alumni in 28 countries since 2003.

Oxford Leadership now has a fully digital offering - both for individuals and teams - and details can be found here - Idea Storm is working as a partner to bring these offerings to the Middle-East Africa (MEA) region and a launch event will be announced soon.

To find out more about Oxford Leadership visit or you can email me at

  • OpenExO Partnership Program

I am working hard with OpenExO on our purpose of "Transforming the World for a Better Future".

My contribution to this is managing the OpenExO Partner Program and a new feature of the program is a live streamed show every Tuesday at 7pm CET/1pm ET. It broadcasts live on Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube. The show features a different OpenExO partner every Tuesday and is around 20 minutes long. I personally have never done a live show before and the experience has been really fantastic. Catch the show when you have an opportunity.

You can find out more about the partner program by visiting or emailing

  • Idea Storm offerings

In all this other activity it is easy to miss that Idea Storm offers exponential growth consulting and coaching in its own capacity.

In August I started to see an increase in interest in this and I am hoping that this will increase in September.

An overview of these services can be found on my website -

Exponential Technology

I continue to work hard on providing Exponential Technology expertise as I believe it is an essential part of an organizations current and future success.

Every week I put together a compilation of exponential technology news stories and videos for the month. The one for August 2020 has some interesting articles and can be found by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom.

Every Wednesday I release an Exponential Technology Report and I have a section on the website dedicated to Exponential Technology.

All of this is free of charge and available for you to access and use.

The Exponential Organisations Podcast

The podcast continue to go from strength to strength and now has 68 episodes. The guests featured in August were:

"What awaits us in the 2020s and 2030s? Will the country continue down the path of state capture, corrupt leadership and economic downturn? Or can South Africa rise from Jacob Zuma's lost decade? Frans Cronje analyses where we are, predicts where we are headed, and warns that there is not much time left to prepare for our future."

Dr Rita McGrath is a best-selling author, a sought-after speaker, and a longtime professor at Columbia Business School. She is widely recognized as a premier expert on leading innovation and growth during times of uncertainty.

Marek is the author of “Chasing Black Unicorns” - which is an autobiography starting with his early entrepreneur ventures in Poland before moving to Nigeria to co-found Jumia Travel – Africa’s Biggest Hotel Booking Portal listed on NYSE as part of Jumia Group and – a Travel Technology Company.

Courageous Cultures provides a road map to build a high-performance, high-engagement culture around sharing ideas, solving problems, and rewarding contributions from all levels.

This book is written to help everyone make sense of the crazy and tumultuous world around us as the digital tsunami rolls across the planet enabled by the Pandemic.

The book is filled with illuminating case studies and brilliant in-depth analysis, this invaluable book provides a multitude of insights that will help you weather market upheavals, adapt to disruptions, and optimize your resources to your best advantage.

The book contains 22 authentic and bold stories aimed to inspire you to look deeper and find your path to living a life with purpose.

 Agile isn't a goal in itself; it's a means to becoming a high-performance operation. Doing Agile Right is a must-have guide for any company trying to make the transition--or trying to sustain high agility.

So that was August in the history books. Now September will be execution, execution and more execution as we all boldly launch off into the future.

If you would like to chat to me I am always available - just book me on Calendly -

Until next month.

Lance Peppler

Idea Storm

Exponential Growth Consultancy

M: 27-60-796-5195

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