Idea Storm Monthly Update - June 2020

It is the end of June and the last month has flown by. It felt like yesterday I was writing the newsletter for May.

I am keeping to the Jim Collins Hedgehog Concept as I focus on what I am passionate about, what I can do well and drive my economic engine. I am hoping that this newsletter keeps you motivated as well as we keep on moving forward.

Purpose of Idea Storm:

The purpose of Idea Storm is to assist people and organisations to transform and thrive, both in the current crisis, and in the new economy that emerges.

June's activities:

  • OpenExO Partnership Program

Idea Storm is a member of OpenExO ( and I am committed to seeing the community thrive. I have been working with OpenExO to put together a Partner Program and this launched this month. The idea is to assist organisations that would like to transform/grow exponentially with certified and experienced OpenExO partners. If you are interested in find out more about this a video can be found here ==>

  • ExO World: Open House!

OpenExO continued in their series of ExO World events, this time ExO World: Open House! on Monday June 15th I took the opportunity to host two sessions during the event:

  • The Amazing Flywheel

  • The Three Circles of Purpose

I made recordings of both these talks and the video and presentations can be found here.

  • Oxford Leadership - Self-managing Leadership (SML)

In June I had the good fortune of working though the Oxford Leadership - Self-managing Leadership course. It was excellent going through the process of self discovery through to strategy and action planning.

If you would like to find out more about the Oxford Leadership Development Programs then you can email me for the details.

  • Shared Value Africa Initiative

I attended the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit from June 2nd - 5th.

This was on the back of interviewing Nikhil Bumb on my podcast about FSG's excellent Purpose Playbook. I hope to become an external consultant with Tiekie Botha's excellent team and bring the Purpose Playbook to Africa.

  • Exponential Technology

I continue to work hard on providing Exponential Technology expertise as I believe it is essential part of current and future success.

Two resources that you will find interesting are "The Exponential Technology June Report" and the "Exponential Technology - January to June 2020". It is interesting to see how different Exponential Technology have progressed in the last six months.

Every Wednesday I release an Exponential Technology Report and I have a section on the website dedicated to Exponential Technology. There is a section containing videos that could keep you absorbed for days.

All of this is free of charge and available for you to access and use.

  • Exponential Organisations Podcast

The podcast now has 54 episodes and the level of guest is continuing to rise. In May I had the privilege to interview Dr Michael Friebe, Mark W Johnson, Dr Christine McDougall and Yuri van Geest. I have already recorded fantastic interviews for July that includes interviews with two authors on the Amazon business best seller list.

July looks like it is going to be another busy month. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Lets continue with determine hedgehog persistence to success. If you would like to chat to me I am always available - just book me on Calendly -

Until next month.

Lance Peppler

Idea Storm

Exponential Growth Consultancy

M: 27-60-796-5195

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