Idea Storm Monthly Update - May 2020

As this is the end of May 2020 I wanted to give an update on the Idea Storm journey.

Being a solopreneur is like climbing Mount Everest. While it is an adventure it also feels like every step forward is hard won. I am sure any entrepreneur can relate.

Purpose of Idea Storm

The purpose of Idea Storm is to assist organisations to transform and thrive, both in the current crisis, and in the new economy that emerges.

Idea Storm has three main service offerings:

  • Exponential Services

I have now completed my Consultant and Coach certifications with OpenExO and am now fully equipped equipped to assist organisations with their transformation.

Idea Storm now provides Purpose Workshops, ExO Workshops and the 10-week ExO Sprint.

I have been trying to add as much value as I can to OpenExO and so assisted on the event team for both the ExO World Summit and ExO World:Now. It was a great experience working in a fast paced global team.

I am also working with OpenExO with other important initiatives which I hope I can share with you in my next update.

  • Exponential Technology

I have been working hard on becoming a expert in the exponential technology space.

Every Wednesday I release an Exponential Technology Report and I have a section on the website dedicated to exponential technology.

To date I have collected over 340 exponential news stories, have a collection of over 100 videos and have created a Flipboard Magazine for you to access. This month I added overviews of the Communications and Insurance industries to the existing Construction industry and overview of 3D Printing. I have also put together an overview of highlighted exponential technology stories and videos for the month of May.

All of this is free of charge and available for you to access and use.

  • Exponential Organisations Podcast

The podcast now has 50 episodes and the level of guest is continuing to rise. In May I had the privilege to interview Brian Bacon, Jeff Booth, Anton Musgrave, Pascal Finette, Tiffany Vora, Rens ter Weijde, Tiekie Barnard and Nikhil Bumb. I have already recorded fantastic interviews for most of June.

One of the highlights for May was that the podcast is now a 30 minute radio show that airs on African Business Radio every Tuesday at 7:30pm with a repeat on Friday at 7:30pm. It has been fun to hear the show being broadcast.

Plans for June

June is going to be an exciting month for Idea Storm!

The focus of activities will be:

  • Finalise partnerships with two of the world's leading consulting companies.

  • Assist in launching a program with OpenExO.

  • Continuing to broaden the Exponential Organisations podcast.

Of course being a solopreneur this can change at any time - which is part of the fun.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope for us to all arrive at the top of the mountain. If you would like to chat to me I am always available - just book me on Calendly -

Until next month.

Lance Peppler

Idea Storm

Exponential Growth Consultancy

M: 27-60-796-5195

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