Idea Storm's top rated articles - 14 August 2020

I have had excellent guests on my podcast Exponential Organisations and they produce amazing content.

I would like to thank them for giving their time to chat to me (and to you if you are a listener of the podcast) and have therefore created a 'Friends' page on my website where you can access their fantastic content.

Here are three selected articles for you to enjoy. The rest can be found on the Friends page.

1. Alex Kantrowitz - Big Technology

Outputs vs. The Machine

When a Facebook video of doctors sharing bad coronavirus information reached 20 million people last week, you could almost predict the reaction. The company’s critics seemed shocked, pointing out it had made little progress since a similar video — Plandemic — went viral in May. They put forth the standard demand for better content moderation. But by then it was too late. 

This article can be accessed here.

2. WEF - The Great Reset

COVID-19: The 4 building blocks of the Great Reset

• New ideas are needed to catalyze the Great Reset after COVID-19.

• Change can be as simple as adjusting our mindsets.

• Greater connection between leaders and the people, and between people, has the potential to effect the most change.

This article can be accessed here.

3. John O'Leary

Switching Seats

John O’Leary writes about the difficult times we’re experiencing and how it’s easy to get stuck in the negativity. He shares what it means to actually live and offers one simple thing to reestablish meaning in your life.

This article can be accessed here.

I hope you have enjoyed these three selected articles. To access the full list visit the Friends page on

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