Idea Storm's top rated articles - 21 August 2020

I have had excellent guests on my podcast Exponential Organisations and they produce amazing content.

I would like to thank them for giving their time to chat to me (and to you if you are a listener of the podcast) and have therefore created a 'Friends' page on my website where you can access their fantastic content.

Here are three selected articles for you to enjoy. The rest can be found on the Friends page.

1. Pascal Finette - be Radical

radical Briefing 0028: Scenarios & Strategy through the Covid Looking Glass

One niche-market that may find significant upside in the pandemic economy: scenario planning.

We recently heard from a colleague whose work as a scenario practitioner goes back to the heyday of Global Business Network, the pioneering consultancy founded in Berkeley in the late 1980s, that he was finding more interest in scenario-based strategy work than he’d seen in a couple of decades. It’s not hard to guess why: The scarring experience of being caught epically wrong-footed by an unforeseen but certainly not unimaginable paradigm-shifting event has left in its wake a population of organizational leaders who are eager to build more adaptable, responsive strategy through a practice of future envisioning.

This article can be accessed here.

2. Karin Hurt - Let's Grow Leaders

How to Stop Remote Work from Stealing Your Life

It’s not your imagination: if the pandemic shifted your job to working from home, odds are, you’re working longer hours.

For many of the leaders we’ve spoken with over the past months, WFH arrangements are sapping their energy and their team’s morale and mental health. To lead your team through these challenges, it’s vital that you stop remote work from stealing your life.

This article can be accessed here.

3. John O'Leary

An Open Letter of Gratitude to Teachers

John O’Leary writes an open letter of gratitude to teachers, who have historically been selfless in serving youth and today more than ever.

'A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.’ – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

This article can be accessed here.

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