Idea Storm's top rated articles - 24 July 2020

I have had excellent guests on my podcast Exponential Organisations and they produce amazing content.

I would like to thank them for giving their time to chat to me (and to you if you are a listener of the podcast). I have therefore created a 'Friends' page on my website where you can access their fantastic content.

Here are three selected articles for you to enjoy. The rest can be found on the Friends page.

1. Steve Anderson: Author of 'The Bezos Letters'

Failure Has to Be an Option

“I’ve made billions of dollars of failures at You might remember or It was like getting a root canal with no anesthesia. None of these things are fun. But they also don’t matter.”

– Jeffrey P. Bezos (President and CEO of Amazon) at 2014 Business Insider IGNITION conference

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2. Innosight

The Post-COVID-19 Consumer

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced consumers to abruptly adapt to new circumstances and adopt new ways of living their daily lives – from feeding their families, to staying connected to friends and family, to feeling productive and satisfied at work. As dramatic and sudden as these shifts have been, some of these new consumer behaviors will stick – and some will not. Companies that can anticipate how these changing preferences and behaviors will play out after the current crisis ends will be better positioned for spotting and seizing innovation opportunities.

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3. Tony Saldanha

2020 Isn’t the Worst Year in History, and for Digital Transformation It Might be the Best

I hope your 2020 apocalypse bingo card is having better luck than mine. No? Oh well, don’t sweat it. We still have six months ahead of us, although, I’m not sure “months” is the right metric of time anymore. After all, as the meme goes, “2020 is a unique leap year. It has had 29 days in February, 300 days in March and 5 years in April.” That got me thinking about whether 2020 is actually the worst year in history.

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