Idea Storm's top rated articles - 30 October 2020

I have had excellent guests on my podcast Business Bookshelf and they produce amazing content.

I would like to thank them for giving their time to chat to me (and to you if you are a listener of the podcast) and have therefore created a 'Friends' page on my website where you can access their fantastic content.

Here are three selected articles for you to enjoy. The rest can be found on the Friends page.

1. Karin Hurt - Let's Grow Leaders

How to Help Your Team Prepare for the Turbulent Aftermath of the Election

Are your managers prepared to deal with the turbulent aftermath of the election?

Regardless of the election’s outcome, it’s smart to be ready for a firestorm of distracted, energized, frustrated, hopeful, distraught, elated, concerned, confused, uncertain, joyful, worried hearts and minds…

This article can be accessed here.

2. ROI Online

How to Determine the ROI of Developing an App for Your Business

A great mobile app can be a fantastic investment for your business. These days, people are spending more time than ever on their smartphones. 

Your customers use their devices to access and read your content before buying products from you online, while your employees turn to smartphone apps to interact with colleagues and stay as productive as possible. 

This article can be accessed here.

3. Promise Phelon - The Growth Warrior

Skill #3: Form Antifragile Relationship

You may have heard that entrepreneurs are often “married to their work.” Running an organization requires astonishing amounts of time, energy, and commitment. Marriage and startups aren’t all that different. Both require skill, commitment and an effort to work at the relationship and dynamics involved. Keeping those relationships healthy, specifically antifragile, is non-trivial and is a skil worth mastering.

This article can be accessed here.

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