Idea Storm's top rated articles - 7 August 2020

I have had excellent guests on my podcast Exponential Organisations and they produce amazing content.

I would like to thank them for giving their time to chat to me (and to you if you are a listener of the podcast) and have therefore created a 'Friends' page on my website where you can access their fantastic content.

Here are three selected articles for you to enjoy. The rest can be found on the Friends page.

1. Alex Kantrowitz - Big Technology

The U.S. Government Is Addicted to the Tech Giants’ Success. That’s the Problem.

In the months leading up to Wednesday’s tech giant hearing, the U.S. federal government was buying millions in tech giant debt. Through BlackRock, an intermediary, the Federal Reserve picked up $25 million in Apple bonds, another $4 million in Amazon, and about $18 million in Microsoft. 

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2. WEF - The Great Reset

How learning in a crisis can build more resilient leadership

COVID-19 has highlighted how vital infrastructure is in supporting the functions on which society relies, such as healthcare and food production. An equivalent to 45% of the sea freight capacity between Europe and Asia and the transpacific region was cancelled within a few weeks of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, for example.

It has never been more important to have infrastructure networks that are resilient and some are taking the opportunity to learn from the crisis.

The Resilience Shift is focused on the urgent need to secure our future through resilient infrastructure. It highlights the opportunities for recovery to transform our infrastructure and build long-term resilience while contributing to the UN’s SDGs.

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3. Dr Rita McGrath

Too important to ignore: Team Effectiveness

It’s hard to know how to respond to events of the magnitude of those that have been in the headlines, except to acknowledge that the quest for social justice feels really, really, enormous. 

As readers will know, I have been arguing for some time that the allocation of corporate profits away from shared prosperity and toward the executive-and-investor group has destroyed good jobs in the United States and decimated the middle class. That perspective will clearly have to expand in light of a system that is also systematically prejudiced. 

With the hope of adding a little actionable positivity, I thought it would be useful this month to explore the question of what makes some teams effective, inclusive, and, as Amy Edmondson would say, fearless.

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