#ITSNOTOK Movement

In response to the call of our President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday, June 22nd against Gender Based Violence (GBV) perpetrators, our aim as concerned citizens is to start the #ITSNOTOK movement. Open to the support of both

men and women.

We need to realise that each one of us can make a difference and supporting the #ITSNOTOK can be the first step. We need to stand together in support of advocating that any form of GBV or Femicide. We are reaching out for your support and the support of your network. Being politically correct and concerned about what others are going to say is no longer an option. We as a collective need to break the silence and move off the side-line as we all have a responsibility to speak up and do something to protect each other. You can help. We need no money we just need you to speak up and support the #ITSNOTOK movement.

What we don’t need from you:

  • Money

What we do need from you:

  • The concerned citizen and activist in you, to support #ITSNOTOK

  • Start using the #ITSNOTOK artwork on social media (please feel free to request artwork)

  • Start spreading the word and lobby for support from your network

  • Motivate for internal support within your circle of friends, your network, your company

  • Media - provide awareness space in (Radio/TV/Print/Outdoor/Social Media)

  • Start using the #ITSNOTOK and join the movement

  • Reach out if you need material or awareness creation material

  • If you have a voice and a platform to support the #ITSNOTOK movement, please use it

If you have any questions or you would like to know then could you contact Tiekie Barnard using her details below.

Tiekie Barnard

CEO & Founder

Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI)


T +010 880 2948  |  C +27 82 445 5274


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