Jim Irving - Author of "B2B Selling Leaders Guide Book"

Episode 136 of the Business Bookshelf - Jim Irving - Author of "B2B Selling Leaders Guide Book"

Today it is fantastic to welcome back Jim Irving.

Jim is an incredibly successful sales person with over 43 years in the IT industry in various sales and marketing roles. Several senior sales and marketing directorships. EMEA Channels Director at SGI (Silicon Graphics). UK Managing Director at Information Builders.

He is author of the book “B2B Selling Leaders Guide Book”. The B2B Leaders Guidebook takes us through the reality of the business leadership journey. It begins with ‘Starting’ – from first impressions to the difference between management and leadership, to creating team identity. Then moves on to ‘Building’ and learn about asking questions, how to coach, recruitment, performance measurement and customer service.

The book is peppered with real-life stories and experiences. Which support the messages. The book is written in the same conversational style that gained such positive feedback in Jim’s first book. The book can be purchased here - https://amzn.to/3uW5L4M.

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