Joel Schwartzberg - Author of "The Language of Leadership"

Episode 160 of the Business Bookshelf podcast - Joel Schwartzberg - Author of "The Language of Leadership".

Joel is a communications coach and writer. He is an expert in the practice of successful presentations and point-making, Joel's articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Toastmaster Magazine, and The Huffington Post, and he's been the featured guest on many business and communication podcasts.

Joel is the author of “The Language of Leadership”. Everyone seems to have an opinion about leadership. We know good leaders Eat Last, Lean In, Break the Rules, Dare to Lead, and are Radically Candid as well as extremely aware of their Tribes, Drive, and Principles. But books about these topics overlook the value of leadership impression—the instant projection you exude as a leader. How do leaders sound? What do leaders say and not say? How do leaders tell stories, send emails, run meetings, conduct video conferences, give speeches, conduct interviews, and even listen to others?

Drawing on his experiences as a leadership coach Joel offers practical tips and entertaining but eye-opening exercises that help readers convey genuine and impactful leadership in every conceivable situation.

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