John Sanei - Author of "FutureNEXT: Re-imagining our world & conquering uncertainty"

Episode 93 of the Business Bookshelf - John Sanei - Author of "FutureNEXT: Re-imagining our world & conquering uncertainty"

John has a fascination with human psychology and the future that has seen him become Africa’s first faculty member at Singularity University in San Francisco, a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education in Johannesburg, and an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies in Denmark.

Author of best-sellers What’s Your Moonshot? Magnetiize and FOREsight, John is also the Co-founder and Chief Exponential Officer at Future Self Academy, an author-led, online platform that connects the curious to leading thinkers.

I talk to John about his new book “FutureNEXT: Re-imagining our world & conquering uncertainty”. The future has arrived early. And it is challenging each of us to ask, and answer, the defining questions of our time:How will our post-pandemic society move forward? Will we ever return to the world we once knew? Are we witnessing the development of a new socio-economic system? You can buy his book here.

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