Jono Bacon - Community and Collaboration Strategy Consultant

Exponential Organisation podcast interview with Jono Bacon.

Jono provides community strategy, management, and leadership for organizations. He has worked on some of the largest communities in the world, previously leading community strategy at Canonical (building the Ubuntu community), GitHub (the largest code hosting platform in the world), XPRIZE (the global leader in incentive competitions), and elsewhere.

His latest book is called “People Powered” which has a forward by none other than Peter Dimandis.

Questions I asked Jono during the interview:

  1. Why is building a community so important?

  2. What are some of the key ingredients of a community and how can companies utilise it to have the greatest impact?

  3. Could you tell us about your book “People Powered”?

  4. Could you give some advice to small companies that are trying to build a community?

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