Kate Lanz - Co-author of "All the Brains in the Business"

Episode 114 of the Business Bookshelf - Kate Lanz - Co-author of "All the Brains in the Business"

Today our guest is Kate Lanz.

Kate has over thirty years’ business experience – nearly twenty years’ in leadership coaching combined with an outstanding track record of success as a senior executive. Kate was the first female – and youngest – International General Manager at Diageo, the world’s leading spirits producer.

She is the CEO Mindbridge, works to push the boundaries of the Neurosmart™ method and specialises in consulting and coaching at senior levels including the Board.

Kate is the co-author with Paul Brown of “All the Brains in the Business: The Engendered Brain in the 21st Century Organisation”. The power of gender difference, not gender equality, is a secret source for success. Some smart businesses are starting to wake up to this fact. This book explores why and how.

Properly valuing brain gender diversity in the workplace is one of the biggest and largely untapped sources of competitive advantage for modern businesses. Recent advances in neuroscience provide the key to unlocking it. The book can be purchased here.

The website for Kate's company Mindbridge is www.mindbridge.co.uk.

The host of the podcast is Lance Peppler. Email him at lance@ideastorm.co.za or visit www.ideastorm.co.za.

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