Ken Banks - Head of Social Purpose at Yoti

Episode 71 of the Exponential Organisations podcast - Ken Banks - Head of Social Purpose at Yoti

Ken is a social innovator, technologist and anthropologist with 25+ years experience working in developing regions of the world - particularly Africa - with a focus on technology, conservation and humanitarian relief.

During his career he has had the honour of working with eminent leaders such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, moderated panels and taken part in expeditions for National Geographic, joined delegations to Africa with the UK Prime Minister, has been featured as a keynote speaker, panelist and moderator at international forums and conferences, and has gone on to publish work related to technology and social innovation for the BBC, CNN, WIRED and the Guardian, among many others. Ken is also the editor of three books on social innovation and entrepreneurship, the first of which has a 5 star rating and became an Amazon 'Development Studies' bestseller.

In April 2018 Ken returned to the private sector taking on the role of Head of Social Purpose at digital identity startup Yoti.

You can find Ken on Linkedin here - and a list of his historical writing can be found at

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