Marcus Kirsch - Author of "The Wicked Company"

Episode 80 of the Exponential Organisations Podcast - Marcus Kirsch - Author of "The Wicked Company"

Marcus Kirsch is the founder of The Wicked Company, an applied transformation and service design consultancy based in London. I’ll use the intro from his book - Marcus has the degree of a design practitioner, the eye and hand of an artist and designer and the sharp and challenging wit of a savant.

He is the author of the best selling book - “The Wicked Company: When Growth is Not Enough”. We live in an era of wicked problems. Can your company keep up? Technology and the evolution of the experience economy have created a reality that most companies can't just buy or work their way into. Anyone can create a wicked company, but not without implementing ways of working and thinking that are as comprehensive and complex as the problems you're trying to solve. You can buy the book by clicking here.

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