Matthew L. Moseley - Author of "Ignition"

Episode 158 of the Business Bookshelf podcast - Matthew L. Moseley - co-author of "Ignition: Superior Communication Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections".

Matthew is a communication strategist, author, speaker, and he holds three world records for long-distance swimming. Spending his career at the intersection of public policy, business and government, he is principal and CEO of the Ignition Strategy Group, which specializes in high-stakes communications and issue management for organizations of all sizes.

Matthew is the author of “Ignition: Superior Communication Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections”. Ignition is a book of dispatches from the frontlines of communication strategy. Matthew draws on his eclectic life experiences to investigate the link between success and effective communication. Whether he’s choreographing a fine dining experience at the top restaurant in America, using rock stars to register voters, helping a national chain save its reputation after a gaffe goes viral, or serving as media liaison at the epic ash-blast send-off for author Hunter S. Thompson, Matthew identifies the principles that guide communication strategies toward their goals.

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