Pascal Finette, Dr Tiffany Vora and Rens ter Weijde

New Exponential Organisations podcast episode - "Pascal Finette, Dr Tiffany Vora and Rens ter Weijde". (Click on the link or image to access the podcast).

I often wonder how our previous guests are doing and so today we revisit three of them. Pascal Finette talks to us about how his company Be Radical is doing during the COVID-19 crisis and then shares some of his current thinking. Next Dr Tiffany Vora tells us how she is doing during lockdown, gives a COVID-19 update and what’s next and then how the development of the vaccine is going. Last, but not least, I talk to Rens ter Weijde about his company KIMO and also his involvement with the G20.

Pascal Finette - Co-Founder @ be radical. Singularity University‘s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation. Venture Partner @ BOLD. You can fine Pascal on Linkedin.

Dr Tiffany Vora - Singularity University - Faculty & Vice Chair, Digital Biology & Medicine and Managing Director of Bayana Science.

During the segment Tiffany mentions an article she has written for SU. It can be found here.

You can contact her on Linkedin or visit her website.

Rens ter Weijde - CEO of KIMO and Strategic Advisor PwC. He can be found on Linkedin.

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