Pierre du Plessis - Author of "Train Naked"

Episode 89 of the Business Bookshelf - Pierre du Plessis - Author of "Train Naked"

"To train naked is to show up just as you are. No pretenses, no masks, no BS."

Pierre helps people build meaningful lives and businesses do work that matters, in a chaotic world. He is a dissident preacher and has a habit of making the familiar strange and turning the world upside down.

He is currently the CEO of his passion project, HumanWrites, an organisation that gets storybooks to kids who need them.

You can find his website - This is Pierre Du Plessis - www.thisispierreduplessis.com. You can join Palaestra by clicking on the link within the website.

Pierre is the author of "Train Naked: A Guide to a Meaningful Life and Work That Matters". Train Naked is a curated selection of short reflections, prompts to get skin in the game, on building a meaningful life and doing work that matters. You can buy "Train Naked" by clicking here.

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