Promise Phelon - Author of "The Way of the Growth Warrior"

Episode 85 of the Business Bookshelf - Promise Phelon - Author of "The Way of the Growth Warrior"

Promise is a serial entrepreneur who has a proven track record raising capital ($100 million), transforming, exiting and buying companies. She has helped large tech organizations leverage the voice of the customer to drive strategic change, architect and execute business model transformations, and drive value for startups. She seeks to be the Champion of Underdogs, to guide companies as a member of their Board of Directors and to manifest explosive growth for every deal that she touches.

She is the CEO and founder of The Growth Warrior which aims to help people and organizations to win in uncertain times.

I talk to Promise about her new book “The Way of the Growth Warrior”. The book contains 7 non-Negotiable Skills is designed to help underdogs navigate the startup ecosystem. You can buy the book by clicking here.

The Growth Warrior website can be found here.

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