Richard Wright - Author of "The Power of Purpose"

Episode 78 of the Exponential Organisations Podcast - Richard Wright - Author of "The Power of Purpose"

Richard Wright is a successful businessman and two-time, stage four brain cancer survivor, who overcame all the odds of beating cancer, whilst at the same time competing in some of the world’s toughest endurance events.

He has recently published a book titled “The Power of Purpose: How to obliterate obstacles and triumph over impossible adversity”. The book tells Richard’s story, told with raw honesty, humility and humour, provides proof that discomfort sparks outrageous achievement, especially when linked to our sense of purpose. It is a profound story of passion and endurance but, above all, it is a story that will resonate deeply for every one of us, whatever our life circumstances, revealing learnings that challenge us to think differently about our purpose in life. You can buy the book by clicking here.

Richard's website is I am Richard Wright.

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