Scott Davis - Co-author of “Lessons from the Titans”

Episode 67 of the Exponential Organisations podcast - Scott Davis - Co-author of “Lessons from the Titans”

Scott serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Melius Research, where he is also the lead research analyst covering the multi-industry sector. He brings 25 years of industrial equity research experience to Melius and has covered over 30 multi-industry names with an aggregated market capitalization of approximately $1 trillion.

Scott is the co-author of “Lessons from the Titans”. The book is filled with illuminating case studies and brilliant in-depth analysis, this invaluable book provides a multitude of insights that will help you weather market upheavals, adapt to disruptions, and optimize your resources to your best advantage. You’ll learn hard-won lessons in innovation, growth, resilience, and operational excellence, as well as the time-proven fundamentals of continuous improvement for lasting success. Buy "Lessons from the Titans" on Amazon here -

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