Steve Shallenberger - Co-author of "Do What Matters Most"

Episode 148 of the Business Bookshelf podcast - Steve Shallenberger - Co-author of "Do What Matters Most: Lead with a Vision, Manage with a Plan, and Prioritize Your Time". The podcast can be found here.

Steve is the Founder and Chairman of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, a company based on his breakthrough book, Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders. Becoming Your Best produces transformational leadership, which in turn builds cultures of excellence, which produce high performance individuals and organizations that are at the top of what they do.

Steve is the co-author of “Do What Matters Most: Lead with a Vision, Manage with a Plan, and Prioritize Your Time”. Time management remains a huge challenge for most people. This book shares the three powerful habits that will help you minimize distractions, maximize accomplishments, and find time to do what matters most.

Drawing on their forty years of leadership research, this book offers three powerful habits that that will help people and teams do what matters most. These three high performance habits are developing a written personal vision, identifying and setting Roles and Goals, and consistently doing Pre-week Planning. People who live these three habits can increase productivity by at least 30 to 50 percent, while reducing stress. For organizations, this means higher profits, happier employees, and increased innovation. For individuals, it means better physical and mental health, stronger relationships, and a greater sense of peace and balance. The book can be purchased here -

You can find the website for Becoming you Best here - The Business Bookshelf podcast can be found here or on your favourite podcast player.


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